Full-time lab members

Marcel Ramos, MPHResearch Associate2014-
Lucas Schiffer, MPHResearch Assistant2015-
Ludwig Geistlinger, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow2017-
Lavanya Kannan, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow2015-16alumnus

Student Research Supervision

Michelle Glasersponsor, independent studiesDPH student, CUNY2014
Anna StachelsponsorDPH student, CUNY2014
Angela LaurioreaderDPH student, CUNY2014
Craig BielskireaderMPH student, HSPH2012-2013
Finn Schubertindependent studies, predictive modeling clubMPH student, Hunter2014
Jesica Rodriguez-Lopezindependent studiesDPH student, CUNY2014
Marcel Ramosfieldwork and capstoneMPH student, Hunter2014
Jasmine Nicodemus Genovesefieldwork and capstoneMPH student, Hunter2014-2015
Peter Chernekfieldwork and capstoneMPH student, Hunter2015-
Jamie Woodfieldwork and capstoneMPH student, Hunter2015-
Tiffany Chanfieldwork and capstoneMPH student, Hunter2015-

Research Assistants

Audrey RensonNYC-HANES microbiome analysisMPH student, CUNY SPH2016-
Carmen Rodriguez CabreraTCGA multi-omics quality controlMPH student, CUNY SPH2016-
Ragheed Al-Dulaiminumerous projectsMPH grad, Hunter2014
Jasmine AbdelnabiHGNChelperMPH student, Hunter2013-2015
Misato GbedemahHIV care coordination, online engagement studyMPH grad, Hunter2014
Barry Macuration of breast cancer dataMPH student, Hunter2014
Yuqing Zhangvalidation of genomic classifiersBSc student, Peking University2014-2015
Faizan Malikbioinformatics student internBSc student, NY City College of Technology2015-

Undergraduate Interns

Rimsha AzharTCGA subtypes curationBSc student, NY City College of Technology2015-17
Abzal BacchuscuratedMetagenomicDataBSc student, NY City College of Technology2017
Faizan Malikbioinformatics student internBSc student, NY City College of Technology2015-16
Benjamin Josephbioinformatics student internBSc student, NY City College of Technology2015
Ahou Ebyovarian cancer heterogeneityBSc student, NY City College of TechnologyC332015
Stephie LouisGWAS meta-analysisBSc student, NY City College of Technology2015

High School Interns

David Yaffebioinformatics student internMillburn High School, NJ2015-

Student Mentorship

Shirley Yangpredictive modeling clubMPH student, Hunter2014-2015
Finn Schubertpredictive modeling clubMPH student, Hunter2014-2015
Lindsay Brookpredictive modeling clubMPH student, Hunter2014
Henry Wangpredictive modeling clubMPH student, Hunter2014
Kezhen Feipredictive modeling clubDPH student, CUNY2014-2015
Jennifer Britepredictive modeling clubDPH student, CUNY2014-2015
Cristina Pollaripredictive modeling clubMPH student, Hunter2014
Cody Boppertpredictive modeling clubMS student, CCNY2014
Henry Wangpredictive modeling clubMPH student, Hunter2014
Yo Sup Moonresearch supervisionResearch Associate, HSPH2010-2013
Ben Ganzfriedresearch supervisionResearch Associate, HSPH2011-2012
Princy Parsanaresearch supervisionResearch Associate, HSPH2012-2013
Taylor Friedmanresearch supervisionResearch Associate, DFCI2013
Christoph Bernauresearch supervisionPhD Student, University of München2012-2013
Siyuan Maresearch supervisionMS / PhD student, HSPH2014


New York City Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NYC-HANES)

Huttenhower Lab, Harvard School of Public Health

Parmigiani Lab, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Jurisica Lab, University of Toronto, Canada

Centre for Integrative Biology, University of Trento, Italy


Key: HSPH = Harvard School of Public Health, DFCI = Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, UM = University of Muenchen (Muenchen, Germany).